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Webinar - Lettings legislation update

This year is all about legislative change. Political parties are gearing up for a general election, the Renters (Reform) Bill is going through parliament, and the London Mayoral elections are just around the corner. 

Join Oli Sherlock, Goodlord’s Managing Director of Insurance, Greg Tsuman, Lettings Director at Martyn Gerrard, and Neli Borisova, Associate Solicitor at JMW Solicitors, as they’ll go through changes for the year ahead, what letting agents should be aware of.

What this webinar covers:

  • Takeaways from the Spring Budget
  • Renters (Reform) Bill update - when will it pass?
  • What else should agents look out for (e.g. short-term lets, material information, anti-money laundering)?
  • Elections on the horizon
  • Q&A