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How Vouch helped Milburys save time on admin

High street agency Milbury’s focuses on a professional, yet personable approach across its agencies in the South West of England. Here’s how their 30+ team members use Vouch to help their agency. 


Saving time on referencing

One of the key aims when integrating Vouch with Milburys was to free up time and allow employees to focus on other daily tasks. 

Through Vouch, Vera Rogers, Head of Administration at Milburys, believes the time to process a reference has halved. “I used to spend a lot of time on various live chats and phone calls previously. I don't remember ever having to call out with Vouch, only just a couple of emails here and there”.

“My colleague Cherry, who is the main property negotiator, spent so much time on live chats, phoning people and returning tenants' calls. So Vouch has freed her time to do other things”. Through the integration of Vouch, Milburys agents' time is now free to manage their landlord’s properties and has saved two admin hires.

Set up with Milburys in mind

When setting up their system for Milburys, a dedicated team from Vouch spoke to the agency to understand what they wanted to achieve for their references.

“We originally had a meeting to say what we were expecting from Vouch”, says Vera. “They know how we operate, they know what we want them to do”.

Not only did this help with efficiency, but Vouch could automatically process applications they knew Milburys would approve.

“When we have had small issues, we've been in touch and it gets sorted straight away”, says Vera. Milburys also achieved transparency through Vouch, with all information necessary available on the platform. This puts the agent and the prospective tenant at ease during referencing.


Vouch know how we operate, they know what we want them to do

Vera Rogers, Head of Administration at Milburys


Efficient referencing and increased contact

Milbury wanted the tenant referencing process to be completed as efficiently as possible. Some can be completed instantly - others can take hours.

With Vouch’s Core Plus, Milburys is able to access a dedicated support team that has made the referencing process more efficient and transparent. 

Vera Rodgers, Head of Administration at Milburys, says: “There's a lot more contact between Vouch and the tenants compared to other companies we've used, where you have to wait sometimes 24 hours for information to be updated. This is almost instant with Core Plus because you can phone as well as email them”.

Not only does Core Plus benefit Milburys but their prospective tenants as well. Vera explains: “Now use Vouch, people come back almost instantly and we don't get many queries from the tenants”. 

This means the Core Plus team can take a level of admin away from Milburys and can really focus on other tasks, such as managing and dealing with more properties with the same amount of people.

Secure referencing in mind

Although Milburys wanted to save time on admin before they chose Vouch, they also wanted to have the most secure referencing process possible. “I always look at the worst-case scenario”, says Vera. 

“For example, if a tenant wants to pay six months in advance, I think some agents probably don't worry about being referenced, but we're still reluctant to proceed with the application. In this case, we’d like Vouch to make them aware to do as much as they can regardless of the fact they're paying six months in advance.”

Through Vouch there are further steps letting agents can take to increase security. With tools such as open banking or digital Right to Rent checks with identity validation technology (IDTV), referencing information will always be secure for the tenant and agent. 


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