Guarantor FAQ

How can we help?

Starting your Vouch Guarantor Application

Click the link we sent via text and email to get started. Before diving in, have these ready:

-Employer's or accountant's contact details (if you're self-employed)
-Proof of ID and address
-Proof of funds (payslips, SA302, etc.)

Log in using the 4-digit PIN from your email/text. Double-check and confirm the tenant's details. Hit 'Yes, let's move on.' You'll be asked to answer a few questions about yourself and then please take a moment to review and sign the Guarantor Declaration, confirming details like your contact and employment status.

Where can I find my VCH reference code

Your VCH reference number is included in both the email and SMS message you have received from Vouch.

Can I get a copy of the guarantor agreement?

As we just deal with the referencing for the applications we hold no extensive information on any of the agreements the estate agent will have. For this information and for a copy of this agreement you will need to contact the letting agent directly.

Credit Check

As a part of our referencing process, we run a soft credit check powered by Equifax for every potential guarantor. We kindly ask for your last three years' address history to review credit repayment and check for any adverse credit. These checks also help confirm your registration at the provided address, and the best part is, they won't affect your Credit Score! We're here to make the process smooth for you.

Why hasn’t my employer received your email?

Make sure all the details are accurate and ensure your employer checks their junk/spam folders. Once updated, a new reference request will be sent to your employer.

Where can my employer send the reference to?

Please ask your employer to send it directly to the letting agent. They can upload this onto your application. Don't forget to provide them with your 'VCH' reference number.

I’ve received my employment reference, how can I upload it?

Please pass this on to the letting agent who can upload this directly onto your application and ensure that your VCH reference number is provided.

Making changes

How can I change my address history?

Once your address history has been completed, this cannot be edited immediately by yourself. To re-complete this section please reach out to your letting agent or contact us via email or webchat.

How do I change my employment reference email address?

To update your employer's contact details, head to your application and click on 'Employment reference.' If you need assistance, feel free to reach out to the letting agent.


What if I don’t meet the affordability requirements?

If your income doesn't meet the affordability criteria, you can combine different sources of income to meet the required total at the discretion of the letting agent. If a new guarantor is needed, the tenant will need to contact the letting agent directly.

What is the required affordability criteria for me?

Our standard affordability calculation for guarantors is 36 times the monthly rent. Please note, this can differ from agent to agent.

Whose rent will I be responsible for?

You will be responsible for the rent of the tenant that you are acting as a guarantor for. For more information on this please get in touch with the letting agent directly.

What is Open Banking?

Open banking is offered to all applicants but is completely optional. It gives you the chance to prove your income online, quickly and securely. Vouch will never see your login details and it will not affect your credit score. If you want to proceed without doing this please select 'Verify manually' and your income will be checked via your proof of funds documents.

Supporting documents

How do I upload multiple documents?

To add more documents for your proof of funds, just tap the '+' icon at the bottom of your screen. It'll create a new slot for your next file. You can repeat this for up to 5 documents before clicking 'upload'.

What if I’m paid weekly rather than monthly?

If you get paid weekly, it's easiest to demonstrate this with a monthly bank statement. Feel free to hide any other transactions – we only need to see the weekly income from your job!

What documents do I need to submit to be checked?

As part of the referencing process, you will be asked to supply documentation for the following: Proof of ID
Proof of Address
Proof of Funds

Proof of ID

Home office approved documents:

1 of the following documents


a British passport (current or expired)

an Irish passport or passport card (current or expired)

a certificate of naturalisation or registration as a British citizen
or 2 of these documents

a current UK driving licence (full or provisional)

a full birth or adoption certificate from the UK, Guernsey, Jersey, the Isle of Man or Ireland (listing at least one birth or adoptive parent)

a letter from their employer giving their National Insurance or employee number and the employer’s name, signature and company address (dated within the past 3 months)

a letter confirming they’re enrolled to study, the course name and how long it lasts (from a UK further or higher education institution, dated within the past 3 months)

benefits paperwork from HMRC, a local authority, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) or Jobcentre Plus (dated within the past 3 months)

a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate from a criminal records check (dated within the past 3 months)

evidence the person is currently serving in the UK armed forces or has previously served

a letter from a private rented sector access scheme, confirming the address of the property it’s helping the person rent from you (dated within the past 3 months)

a letter from a British passport holder in an accepted profession who’s known them for at least 3 months, with the professional’s name, address, signature, passport number, profession, most recent work address, how long they’ve known the person and in what capacity (dated within the past 3 months)

a letter confirming they’re known to a UK government department or local authority, with the signature and work address of a named official (dated within the past 3 months)

a letter from the UK police confirming that their passport or biometric residence permit was stolen, with the crime reference number (dated within the past 3 months)

a letter confirming they’ve been released from prison within the past 6 months, with their date of birth (from HM, Scottish or Northern Ireland Prison Service)

a letter confirming they’re on probation, from their offender manager (dated within the past 3 months)

Proof of Address

Recent utility bill
Recent bank statement
Valid UK driving licence
Current council tax bill
Credit/store card statement
Local council card
Current tenancy agreement

Proof of funds

3 months of payslips
3 months of bank statements
Pension statement
Tax return/self-assessment